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August's Exciting News

"Feeling Free"  2012

Thrilled to see that my work, Love for Alyssa has made the finalist cut for Critical Mass 2012.  It is an honor to be selected as one of the 200 finalists out of 756 talented entries from around the world.  This gives us a great opportunity to have more eyes see what we are all about.  Two hundred respected jurors in the photographic world will now decide the final 50 finalist.  Wish us luck!

In other news, we are regrouping from the summer and tackling the need for a new name for our organization.  The name Love for Alyssa will always remain the name of this project, for I will always have much love for Alyssa.  As we said before, now that our organization has grown with Jerry and Robert, we are in need of a name that suits us a unit and as a global brand.  This task of deciding a new name has not been easy.  I am hoping that any day, really soon, something great will pop into one of our minds. When this happens we will be able to launch our new website and move forward, so that things can continue to fall into place.

  It is pretty remarkable to think how far we have come and how much I have learned in a yr and half.  The journey thus far has been challenging yet rewarding.  It is all about staying the course, for I know nothing every comes easy.

In case you missed our latest news, we are now a 501c3 tax-deductible organization!

Please have a look at little Joseph's video down below if you haven't seen it yet.

CNN covers Love for Alyssa

Today is very exciting for us, CNN is featuring Love for Alyssa.  Much thanks and appreciation goes to CNN's   Brett Roegiers. CNN PHOTOS  has 12 images and an interview-



Post Show-Love for Alyssa Exhibition

alyysa and joseph

Hi Everyone, May 12th came and went so fast. The show was everything I had hoped for it to be. The room oozed of positive energy. For me the evening was a complete whirlwind seeing three years in the making finally come to fruition. As I've said to those close to me, the only other event similar in my life to compare it to was my own wedding reception, where the fleeting details are lost in obscurity. After asking at least a handful of people about attendance, the reality was there were between 250 to 300 attendees throughout the night. The highlight was witnessing the faces that were so deeply moved. Not that my goal was to make people cry, but it was heart-warming to see such an emotional response, surprisingly quite a few men were struck hard. Common comments were made, "I can't imagine being a single dad in that position". Even if it had been a single mother should it be perceived any different or any less of a struggle, but with the traditional role left to a man in such a position was a trigger for some of the men in the room. What this meant all in all, was that I succeeded in what I was trying to do; to have one step into the shoes of another.  It was all of the elements that came together that night that helped make it so impactful. The recognition of all our sponsors who made this show possible, the children's artwork that was donated that filled one wall that surrounded an image of Alyssa, the media support, the community support, and the overall message of reaching out and helping someone else.  I believe it all resonated.

I would like to take a moment to thank some very special people. Joe Vance and the Southeast Center for Photographic Studies in Daytona Beach, FL, I thank Joe for his immense help, knowledge and friendship.  Thank you to Kevin Miller the curator of The Southeast Museum of Photography in Daytona, FL  for connecting me to Reg Garner owner of Triangle Reprographics in Orlando, FL.  Love for Alyssa's beautiful prints, that stellar quality, made from a LightJet photographic digital printer on Fuji Crystal Archive photo paper. They are silver halide emulsion prints (not inkjet). Thank you to Victoria Jones and Markus Heilman, owners of Frame of Mind in Ormond Beach, FL for all their help and generosity.  Thank you to Piedmont Plastics for sponsoring our plexiglass. Thank you to Hammock Beach Resorts for their amazing 3 bedroom oceanview suite  and round of golf we raffled off at the exhibit. Thank you so much to Quenby Shereefor helping with the hard and tedious work of framing the images. Thank you to my brother-in-law, Rodd Kaczmarek for building a beautiful crate to store these images in. Thank you to Diana Nguyen and Tyler Gynizio for all of their help the night of the exhibition. Thank you to Hollingsworth Gallery. Thank you to Debbie Blazer for saving me the night before the exhibition with her talents. Thank you to Delynn and Kenneth Maples for all of their support, friendship, and hard work.

Also, I would like to thank Jennifer Kuiper for all the hard work she has volunteered to do since the start of this non-profit. She is an amazing person. Thank you to Kerri Huckabee and her school, Flagler Beach Montessori for their ongoing support, and to all the children of her school who donated artwork for our children's exhibition. Thank you to the children of Trinity Troopers Youth Group of Trinity Presbyterian Church, brownie troop 872 , the Hollingsworth Gallery's art classes, Flagler Highschool, and Pathways Elementary - where Alyssa attends. Thank you to the children of Hollingsworth art classes and the children of various other schools.  All these children's artwork filled one wall that surrounded an image of Alyssa. Their inspirational work added magic to the evening.

In addition I would also like to thank the following people for their knowledge and gifts. Thank you to our wonderful musical act Beartoe. Thank you for all of the food that was sponsored for by Blue at the Topaz, Thai Korner, Woody's BBQ, Dominics Deli and Publix. Thank you to Sean McNeil, Christina Katsolis, Alexis Rogers, Victor Rollins, Eva Bishop, and Betty Jo, and Kacie Boniberger of UCF who interned with us. We are so grateful for all of the great supportive press we had.  It was definitely a nice surprise to wake up the morning of the show to find that Alyssa was on the front page of the Daytona Beach News Journal.

Alyssa- Orlando Sentinel

Here are links to the following articles leading up to the show starting with the last.

Daytona News Journal

Orlando Sentinel

Flagler Live

The Observer

A very special thank you to some special people in my life who traveled to share this special evening with me, my family; Debbie and Emilio Martinez, Christian, Natalie, Sammy, Alex, and baby Chrisitan who came from South Florida, Toma and Sharon Kaczmarek who came from Chicago, and our VP Delynn Maples and her husband Kenny Maples who came from Washington State.

Also, our team who is so invaluable; Jerry Englehart, Robert Larson, Rebecca Bower, Claire Santuae, and Delynn Maples. And, huge thanks to our lawyer Dennis Bayer and our paralegel Susan Kates.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support Alyssa and Joseph.  Our first purchase was made a couple weeks ago, we assisted in getting Alyssa a wheelchair she needed to have while in school.

I've also been grateful for the acknowledgement of being one of the 11 finalist for the Michael P. Smith fund through the New Orleans Photo Alliance for my work in Love for Alyssa.

All I can say is that it is an exhilarating feeling to do something good!

* I do have a more serious note here to pass.  To refresh, Joseph Parthemore is 2 years old and also born with arthrogryposis. Joseph's condition has affected him differently than Alyssa because he has the potential to walk one day. Currently he is fed through a tube and until recently he was not able to breathe on his own.  He has made major strides since we first met last summer.  Joseph's daily life can be life threatening if unattended. He requires 24 hour care because he is incapable of swallowing.  Fluids in his mouth must be consistently suctioned. To Joseph's family he is known as the three million dollar baby because as of date his medical expenses have surpassed that amount.  Recently Blue Cross Blue Shield has dropped coverage for his 24 hour care, leaving Medicaid demanding a $2,800 a month co-pay for a nurse.  This is an amount that they simply can not reach, and they are losing their battle against the insurance companies.

What is wonderful is that I have a platform to get this message out because his family is not being heard.  If you can help or know someone that can please pass this along.

Our video of Joseph is almost complete, I just saw the first cut a couple days ago.  Jason Greene  is so gifted.  Please stay tuned it will be posted soon.

Please continue donating and supporting these children.

Warm regards,

Jennifer Kaczmrek

Wedding Day

Alexxis, Duane & Alyssa
Alexxis, Duane & Alyssa

Alexxis, Duane, & Alyssa just moments before the ceremony

On  Sunday, February, 12, 2012, Alyssa and Alexxis's dad got married.  Duane and Amy invited their closest friends and family to share their special day.  A beautiful backyard wedding that took place at a friend's home.  I thought I would share a couple of my favorite images.

group photo
group photo

Alyssa with her new siblings, Preston and Jackson. Along with Amy and Duane just moments after the ceremony 

If you missed our last post please have a look, "Introducing our new vision." 

Exciting Family News for Alyssa


Amy giving Alyssa a big smooch!

Introducing Amy Frederick Combs, Alyssa's new mommy to be.  Over the summer, Alyssa had a bit of new, exciting announcements.  Her daddy got engaged, and she moved into her new (to be) siblings home.

These are some photos I took just hanging out after Alyssa got home from school.  She is in 2nd grade this year.


I love her self-determination to do things on her own.  Here she is opening her closet to show me something


Alyssa playing with her soon to be step brother, Jackson


Alyssa had just announced that she wanted to say grace. I snapped this photo, and she told me to put my camera down, and hold her hand


I don't think I need to say much, this speaks for itself. Too funny!


Riding to her base.  Alyssa playing a little ball with her sister Alexxis, and Amy's two children, Preston and Jackson


Everyone's got their wheels.  Alyssa hanging with the boys in the neighborhood


Alyssa heading in for the night

Alyssa gets special treatment & 1st fundraiser information


Alyssa was invited by fellow LFA sponsor, Sharon Capece, to come and have some special treatment for the day.  Alyssa had her first facial, and loved every minute of it.  Sharon was also nice to give Alyssa some free goodies to take home to pamper herself with.   Alyssa also learned an important message that day- never leave home without first applying sun block to your face!  Words to live by.

Alyssa thanked Sharon by coloring her a special picture and autographing it.  Sharon gave Alyssa her number, and Alyssa called her on the phone to say hi just soon after.

Thank you so much Sharon for a great time!

Sharon is part of the Dermatology Associates of Northeast FL. here in Palm Coast, and is a certified CCE, CME, Esthetician.  If you are looking for some special treatment too; facials, laser, or peels- contact  here office at  386-446-4466.

(Alyssa coloring and signing her picture of Sharon)

We have now scheduled our first fundraiser for Alyssa. This event is being hosted by Flagler Beach Montessori School. We posted an events page about the walk on Facebook the other day, but we realize not everyone is a user.  We were thinking to do a 5k, but we have changed that to a "Nature Walk".  We really want little people to participate, and they may not be up for a 5k.  If you would like to run though, you are more than welcome to!

The event will take place October 15th, at 10am, at Flagler Beach Montessori School/ Wickline Park, 800South Daytona Ave., Flagler Beach, FL,32136. Pre-registration is at 9:45am.  It is $20 per family, and up to any possible amount.  You may pay by credit card through paypal, just go to our Donations link at the top of the page.  You will see "Nature Walk Fundraiser Donations".  Please email us at, to let us know that your donation is specifically for the walk.  You may pay by cash or check, the day of the event. We hope to see you there!  If you can not make it, or live to far away, please consider making a donation!

I am also happy to report that it looks like we may only have one photograph left to be sponsored for!  If you are interested, please let us know.

Or, if you are interested in being a sponsor for the project/Love for Alyssa, Inc. , your support would be much appreciated.

Please continue to spread the word & don't forget to tell others about our "Nature Walk"!

Flager Beach Montessori

On 5/25/11 Alyssa and I visited Flagler Beach Montessori school in Flagler Beach, Fl.   Kerri Huckabee is the owner/director of the school, and I loved that she wanted Alyssa to come for a visit. Since having done an ongoing photo workshop with a hand full of her kids, and having been their school photographer this past year, I have gotten to know them, and have been very impressed with their forming personalities which is a great reflection as to the nurturing environment that Kerri has set in her school.  You feel the love and peace that is being instilled.

This visit was important, it went along with one of the many reasons I had for doing this project.  I want children to be involved, to participate.  This is good lesson to teach; to have compassion for others.  We are all created differently, but we ARE all the same. 

I knew Alyssa would really like the children and the school, and I was right because she didn't want to leave.  When we were driving away she said, "I made a lot of new friends."

And I said, "I know you did!"

In the Fall, Flagler Beach Montessori will be hosting a 5k Walk/Run fundraiser on Alyssa's behalf.  We are extremely grateful!

The image above was taken as soon as we arrived.  As you can see a group of little ones surrounded Alyssa to greet her.  Their unfiltered curiosity didn't hold them back from asking Alyssa all they wanted to know, which is evident by the look on all their little faces. 


Happy Earth Day

This is a piece of equipment that I would love to see her receive. As you can see this gives her the opportunity to work her legs. 

This is a piece of equipment that I would love to see her receive. As you can see this gives her the opportunity to work her legs. 

Happy Earth Day! Here are a couple of archive photos from Earth Day's past. This second photo of her in this walker was at a time when Alyssa was receiving therapy. She was at the time, able to scoot her self around pretty well. It was a great source of therapy, and sense of independence for her.

Water Park

Alyssa & Alexxis
Alyssa & Alexxis
Alyssa, Alexxis, & London
Alyssa, Alexxis, & London
Alyssa & Alexxis
Alyssa & Alexxis
Alyssa loving the water
Alyssa loving the water

A quick update to let everyone know that things are moving along swimmingly.  We are very pleased at where we are at this point.  Everyday there has been something new, and exciting occurring.  We are grateful to everyone who has reached out with their support, ideas, and connections.  Please continue to spread the word!

Palm Coast, FL Spreading The Word

Just would like to thank The Palm Coast Observer, and to Shanna Fortier for the nice piece that they did covering 'Love for Alyssa'.  Please have a look if you haven't seen it.

'Love for Alyssa' in the Palm Coast Observer
'Love for Alyssa' in the Palm Coast Observer

click here

Also, I would like to thank fellow WordPress blogger Camille, at Baby Pickel, for doing a nice post about 'LFA' on their site.  Baby Pickel is a local organization that gives back to mothers in need. 

Baby Pickel blog post for Love for Alyssa

Baby Pickel blog post for Love for Alyssa

Thank you for your support!