Taking Focus, Inc.'s

Fiscal Sponsorship Program



Taking Focus, Inc. is welcoming submissions of still and video project funding via our fiscal sponsorship program with a $25 submissions fee.


  • You will work under an umbrella of like-minded photographers and filmmakers who want to see change and help those who need it

  • We will help make a proper edit of the visual work for submission to grant applications

  • We will look over your grant material for your project

  • You will have use of our tax EIN to apply for government grants after being selected

  • Your project’s private donors or corporations will receive a tax deduction

  • Your project has the potential to raise subsequent funds for the subjects of your work

  • Your project will help educate others

  • The work is yours; you retain all copyrights


How does this work?

Our fiscal sponsorship program gives you, the photographer or film-maker, the opportunity to raise funds for your project by allowing your supporters to donate under the umbrella of Taking Focus, Inc.’s 501c3 status; these will be tax deductible donations for your supporters.


Submission details: A two page proposal is required. The first page must be an overview and intentions for the project. The second page must be a breakdown of the intended budget.

For video proposals, a 2 to 3 minute video of the work or prior work that shows your visual literacy. Please include a link to the video on a sharing platform such as Vimeo or your personal website.

For stills projects, 10 to 15 jpeg images sized to 1000 pixels wide on the shortest side. There should be no borders or watermarks and titled with your name and the number of the image (ex: yourname_01.jpg). Please include your full name, website and image captions within the body of the email. Or send a link to a body of work on your personal website that represents your vision, with captions, for this project proposal.

By all means, spread the word to other photographers that are looking for a way to manifest their projects into reality.

If you are a photographer who is trying to make a difference through your work. Then let's start the conversation.

Email us at - submissions@takingfocus.org


What is the outcome?

A final part of the proposed project must include a giving back component. Taking Focus, Inc. was created to assist other important social and health related projects. Our main mission remains, creating change by impacting the human spirit. For example, the giving back component could be an exhibition of the final work that educates the general public or a specific group; the giving back component could also be a fundraiser for the subject(s) of the project or a US-based organization for a related cause. Think out-of-the-box, the possibilities are endless.


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