There is no bigger joy in the world then to have been able to photograph the students of the Conklin Center for the Blind. The center has done a tremendous amount of work to aid all the students, current and graduates, learn to become independent. All the students at the center had a huge impact on me and helped me realize how much I should cherish my ability to see and do photography. The students helped me learn that even when life does not deal you the best hand, the only thing that counts is to just enjoy being alive. 

These photos are a way of thanking the Conklin Center for opening their facility to me and entrusting me to truthfully portray the characteristics of their students. To see their faces light up when they found out they were going to have their photos taken was more of a reward than any amount of money. They truly appreciated the fact that I set aside time in my day for them; they were thrilled to know I was interested in their life.

The Florida Lions Club made the right choice when they took on the project of building this center. Each person present here has recognized the importance of this facility. You know how much even the smallest amount of time can enrich a person’s life and how much satisfaction it gives the instructors when a student moves out in the community successfully. 

These photos ultimately helped raise an additional $12,000 for the Conklin Center. The proceeds went to help the center continue the quality, concentrated, and heart-felt dedication needed to help every student.