Flager Beach Montessori

On 5/25/11 Alyssa and I visited Flagler Beach Montessori school in Flagler Beach, Fl.   Kerri Huckabee is the owner/director of the school, and I loved that she wanted Alyssa to come for a visit. Since having done an ongoing photo workshop with a hand full of her kids, and having been their school photographer this past year, I have gotten to know them, and have been very impressed with their forming personalities which is a great reflection as to the nurturing environment that Kerri has set in her school.  You feel the love and peace that is being instilled.

This visit was important, it went along with one of the many reasons I had for doing this project.  I want children to be involved, to participate.  This is good lesson to teach; to have compassion for others.  We are all created differently, but we ARE all the same. 

I knew Alyssa would really like the children and the school, and I was right because she didn't want to leave.  When we were driving away she said, "I made a lot of new friends."

And I said, "I know you did!"

In the Fall, Flagler Beach Montessori will be hosting a 5k Walk/Run fundraiser on Alyssa's behalf.  We are extremely grateful!

The image above was taken as soon as we arrived.  As you can see a group of little ones surrounded Alyssa to greet her.  Their unfiltered curiosity didn't hold them back from asking Alyssa all they wanted to know, which is evident by the look on all their little faces.