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Faith & Salvation

Faith & Salvation

Roby Baird’s Journey

“I’m going through the toughest time of my life. My tumor is back, and it is cancer. This time I am going where God is leading me. Therefore, I am going to worry about nothing  and pray about everything. I know God will take care of me. God has a plan for me.” ~ Roby Baird 8/30/18

At home, in the back yard. An emotional moment of words spoken. Saint Augustine, FL, 8/30/18

I know many people that have a strong faith in God, but I must say Mr. Roby Baird is quite unique, someone special; his faith is definitely on a higher level. I think he would make a wonderful minister or youth leader. I know for some people that the talk of religion is uncomfortable. I’m also fully aware whether you are religious or non religious, or of a different belief system, that it doesn’t make you any more or any less of a good person.

As a person of faith myself, the way I see it is that anyone can go to church, or anyone can work in a church, but that doesn’t mean that they have full faith or deep understanding of what it is like to be a believer in Jesus. There are those that after the church doors swing closed,  “followers” go back out into the world picking up where they left off; being hypocritical, judgmental, uncompassionate, and lacking empathy for others. It’s called ‘Talk without action.’ I have seen it. So, please don’t be turned away by the talk of religion.

Religion is important to this story because this is Roby’s story. He wants to share his journey, and in Roby’s heart, his faith is as much a critical component to conquering his cancer, as is his choice in cancer treatment.

Tattoo, ‘By His Grace’, Saint Augustine, FL, 8/30/18

So, for anyone who is not religious, religious, or is of a different belief, I hope you will be inspired by the journey that Roby is about to take. Because this is not just a story about him battling brain cancer, it’s an inspirational story about his faith in a higher being. I believe we are all brothers and sisters, so my hope is you all will take this journey with him. Universal love and support is what he needs, as well as compassion and understanding for his choices in going through a holistic approach to heal himself.

In 2104 Roby had undergone surgery on the left side of his brain for a benign tumor that was the size of a walnut. ( original story here). In March of 2018, Roby began having those similar warnings that he was all too familiar with; he was having recurring headaches, dizzy spells, and feeling completely worn out. Roby went in for an MRI. The MRI showed a “blip” as he calls it, where the last tumor had been. The size of the newest “blip” measured 8 by 9 millimeters in size. The hope was that perhaps it was scar tissue.

But, in June the symptoms became more frequent, and he began having trouble getting out of bed without falling over.

On June 16th, Roby had another MRI, and it revealed the “blip” had grown, showing to be 14 by 15 millimeters in size. Another, more invasive MRI was performed. These results confirmed he now had a grade 3, malignant astrocytoma. Though the new astrocytoma is smaller in size than the one in 2014, (about the size of a piece of corn), it is cancer.

On August 1, 2018, Roby’s tumor was removed.

Roby’s physicians wanted to begin chemo and radiation immediately after, but Roby has opted out of that option. He has been researching the benefits of going the holistic approach for years, since the time his ex-wife had been diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. It was then that Roby saw firsthand the medicinal, healing benefits the cannabis plant could have. With all that Roby has researched, with firm conviction, he feels confident in his decision, and believes strongly that God is with him every step of the way.

Roby arrived in California on September 6th to seek treatment at Green Bridge Medical in Santa Monica. When Roby decided that Green Bridge Medical is where he wanted to go, he began researching for a place to reside during his time there.  He decided that it was worth traveling up the coast to Redding, CA., to be near a church he has long wanted to attend; Bethal Church. The distance between Santa Monica and Redding is a long 10 hour drive, but being that medical marijuana is legal in the state of California, Roby is able to have his medication mailed to him. Being this is the most difficult time of his life, and so far away from his family and friends, he wants to be able to worship and spend his time building his relationship with God at a place he has long desired to be. He went on to say, “Happiness comes from circumstances and when you go through good times in your life you tend to be happy. But, when we go through trials and painful times in our lives, happiness is usually not there.  And, the beautiful aspect of having an intimate relationship with Jesus is that He brings joy.” Roby feels he has been lead to the right place at the right time.

Roby met with Dr. Allan Frankel on September, 7th for his consultation, and on Monday, September 9th, Roby began his first dose of treatment on Tuesday, September 18th at 6pm. He is on what is called the “Quad Regimen”, 5 mg of Delta 9 THC, 5mg of CBD, 5 mg THC - A, and 5mg of CBD -A.

Note: Roby is in California to receive full plant extract because it is not legal in the state of Florida.

I spoke to Roby today,  Roby feels the reason he has been having painful episodes such as headaches, gastrointestinal issues, muscle spasms that occur first in individual parts of the body, then spread out through his body creating whole body spasms. Roby believes this is because the cannabis is doing its work, and healing his body.

So, our story will continue, as Roby will  update us from time to time. I personally feel blessed to have Roby as a dear friend, and humbled that he is allowing me to share with you all this most important time in his life.

“Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.” Psalms 30:5, Roby recited.

I could feel those words. I could feel them for him, and I feel they are good, reassuring words for anyone going through trials and tribulations.

The sun will shine in the morning.

~ Jennifer Kaczmarek

Roby Baird, Saint Augustine, FL., 8/30/18

Helpers of Roby started a Go Fund me page to help him with his living expenses and treatment expenses until he is able to work again. If you would like to donate, you may do so here

CNN covers Love for Alyssa

Today is very exciting for us, CNN is featuring Love for Alyssa.  Much thanks and appreciation goes to CNN's   Brett Roegiers. CNN PHOTOS  has 12 images and an interview-



Introduction To Alyssa


Thought I should share with you the first time my camera clicked this beautiful face.  I had stopped by her classroom the day before just to meet her without my camera.  All the children were napping when I came in, though Alyssa was wide awake.  I went over and whispered, "How nice it is to meet you!" I immediately got what others had said, because she certainly 'had me' from the first hello.


The following morning I came in and there she was laying on the floor about to play with a container of "my little ponies."  This was my 2nd frame.


Alyssa Jadyn Hagstrom was born February 14th, 2004, at Ormond Beach Memorial Hospital, in Ormond Beach, FL.  At birth she was diagnosed with a condition called  Arthrogryposis.  When she was delivered her legs, arms, and wrists were in a stiff, bent, inward position that would not allow for movement. 

At two days old, all her limbs and wrists were stretched as far as possible to aim towards a more normal position; including cutting the right hamstring, for casts to set into place. 


Within her first year of life, she had two major surgeries.  Alyssa's feet were  extremely clubbed. They were stuck in a position like a ballerina dancing in her toe shoes.  In order to gain a chance of normalcy, her Achilles tendons were cut on both feet.  Her left foot sustained even more extreme measures because of the crooked position it was in.  Surgeons had to remove her foot at the ankle bone by conducting what they call a "bone rotation,"  by cutting the bone in two places to twist and reattach into place.  Visibly seen metal rods held her foot together for six months.

This act of stretching her limbs into position to be placed in casts had to be repeated.  Her condition causes all of her joints to be contracted, causing her never to be able to have the muscle to control them. 

Today Alyssa has no use of her legs, arms, and limited use of her fingers.  This summer she may be  undergoing surgery for an elbow release.  This possibility would give her a bit of much-needed independence. Her arm would then be able to rest on the table, and she could bend down to reach towards her fork or spoon to eat.


This is an earlier photo as well, taken back when she was receiving therapy, but at this time she is not. 

 I am very thankful to Duane for letting me into their life in such an intimate way.  I've been able to capture some beautiful images along this journey.   I am very proud of this work.  The possibilities the impact of this project could have on her life is a very overwhelming thought.

I've gone to the extent of creating this corporation to follow through with what I believe is possible.  Alyssa has no idea what she has done for me.  In her short life she has been through many disappointments and her spirit has never darkened.  She is worth fighting for. 

 I believe in the good of people.  The idea of Love For Alyssa is to create a 'movement'; for people to be inspired by the process of what coming together can create.  The art of photography is the center piece in which allows us to connect.  

This change will have a significant impact on her future.  Please come be a part of something so wonderful.