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Introducing Our New Vision And Additions To The Team

To all who follow and support Love for Alyssa, we are truly evolving.  In just a few months we will expand greatly.  This expansion will bring new photographers, a new name to our company, a new website, and more inspiring work. Shortly after launching this project publicly, the idea of creating something on a larger scale felt like the right move. The vision of sharing this experience with other like minded photographers whose personal work moves them to the point of taking their actions a step further, by giving a platform to those without voice. Last summer we refilled our articles of amendment so that our mission statement would better fit this larger vision. Our mission statement remains:

The specific charitable, scientific, literary, and educational objectives of this non-profit corporation, which was initially created by the inspiration of a little girl named Alyssa Jadyn Hagstrom who was born with a rare condition called Arthrogryposis which left her with no use of her legs and arms and limited use of her fingers, is to use the art of photography, video and online media to raise funds for the medical care and basic needs to Alyssa and others.  Photography allows people to connect in a way they otherwise could not.  A single image can speak magnitudes about what life is like for others.  It is our hope that these images will inspire people to help make an impact on someone else’s life. Within a collaborative nature, we hope to give a voice to those who cannot due to their limited capacity.

Jerry Englehart, Jr.

As you know, photographer Jerry Englehart joined our organization in the summer of 2011.  Jerry and I have been friends since photo school.  We both attended The Southeast Center for Photographic Studies, in Daytona Beach, FL.  Upon graduating he attended Western Kentucky University, in Bowling Green Kentucky, for photojournalism.  Jerry still is a student, but is on hiatus for 6 months in San Clemente, California where he accepted an internship with Zuma Press. In Kentucky Jerry started documenting the community of refugees from Burma, and  is continuing to do so with the community of refugees in San Diego, CA. Since 2008 the largest portion of refugees relocated each year in America, have been from Burma. With recent progressions in the political arena back in Burma, again known by its original name, Myanmar, their politics are moving back towards a more democratic system. Yet, for those refugees that definitely want to stay in America the language barrier still presents a difficulty in access to even basic medical care. Within Myanmar there are roughly six distinct ethnic languages other than Burmese and there are few individuals in the relocated communities that can translate for them. In his larger pursuit to document the communities of Burma refugees, Jerry wants to focus a good portion of his attention on these health related stories. http://www.jerryenglehart.com/

Robert Larson

Getting this organization to reach a larger audience has been greatly attributed to the workings of social networking, and through the greatness of social media we met photographer and writer, Robert Larson.  Our paths crossed thanks to Andy Adams' Flak Photo Network, a great space that Andy created for photographers to interact.  Robert lives in  Los Angeles, California. He is currently raising funds for his long term photography project,Waiting for Haiti. Waiting for Haiti is about Haiti’s past, present and future. It is a story told through the eyes of a young Haitian man named Jeanmary Michel, and the friendship that formed between he and Robert. Waiting for Haiti seeks to shed a light back onto the troubled country, and to answer many burning questions regarding the 15 billion plus dollars donated to Haiti for earthquake relief.  Please go to http://www.waitingforhaiti.com/ for more information about his project.  Through our organization, Robert’s desire is to help fund Sean Penn’s Haitian relief organization, J/P  H.R.O.


As a collective of photographers who’s interest span international to domestic health issues, we as a group hope to shed honest light upon the emotions, the people, and the realities of each story we are pursuing to raise funds for through our organization.  We are now awaiting approval to become a 501c3 organization.

We also welcome Rebecca Bower, as Treasurer, and Clair Santuae, as Secretary.

Love for Alyssa’s exhibit will be May 12, 2012.