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Charlotte's Tangled Web
Each image will be 30x40 in size
Image sponsorship's are:
$200 for individuals
$300 for businesses
You may donate any amount to be listed as a general sponsor

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Opening  June 11, 2015 / Orlando Museum of Art

Dear friends and supporters,
As many of you were great supporters of Love for Alyssa in 2012, we hope you will stay with us on our next great journey. We are pleased to announce that Love for Alyssa, Keep the Light On, and images from my new work in progress, Charlotte's Tangled Web, have been invited to be a part of the Orlando Museum of Art's Florida Artist Prize In Contemporary Art this summer.
Charlotte's Tangled Web focuses on those in need of medical marijuana in the state of Florida. Understanding how controversial this subject is, I set out to gather my own findings. It didn't take long to discover how tangled the issues are, on so many levels. At the bottom of this mess are those that are truly suffering. I would call these individuals 'victims'. They are of all ages, with all different types of debilitating aliments, who have become 'victims' in an inhumane game of tug-of-war between politics and money. Their lives have been left hanging in the balance while those in power decide their fate.

I have witnessed first hand the positive impact this plant can have. Ten year old Christina Clark went 100 days seizure free utilizing cannabis oil.
To reflect on what a great impact Love for Alyssa had, the work has been featured on CNN Photos, CNN America, CNN Chart, as well as the Daytona News Journal, The Observer, and F-Stop.  Furthermore, LFA was selected as a finalist in the Michael P. Smith Fund, and selected as one of the Critical Mass 50 of 2012.
The most humbling impact has been the emails received from people around the country who were moved by Alyssa's story, as well as the handful of students around the county who learned of the work and included LFA as part of their graduating thesis. Love for Alyssa unknowingly achieved so much more then was ever intended, thanks to the power of photography and you- our supporters.

We hope that you will help us continue to advocate, educate, and inspire others. Please consider helping us continue making our imprint in the world.



Jennifer Kaczmarek / Founder