Night Fishing

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Tyler’s favorite thing to do is fish, especially at night.  This is his big escape from all things.


Yesterday, Alison met with a neurosurgeon to discuss the next steps. She will be heading back to Shands hospital to have more extensive scans done to her spine to see if the number of tumors have increased in size and/or multiplied. She will also be meeting with another neurologist that specializes on the brain to discuss the problems that have arisen.


I am having a meeting tomorrow afternoon that I will follow up with you all in my next post. I will also tell you about some amazing people that have thus far extended their hand.

Please stay tuned and donate if you can! They really need help at this time with travel expenses back and forth to Jacksonville and an upcoming trip to Gainesville for Tyler’s treatment.

We are also raising funds for their rent and to help them get set up with an online home-based job. They truly need your help, please consider!