Miracles Do Happen

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    Survived 14 months with no car, with 3 children

 Survived 14 months with no car, with 3 children

On the evening of February 18, 2013, I was just getting into my car when my cell phone rang with such astounding news. Elizabeth Coberg was on the line telling me that she had a car to donate to the Vanhoutte family. The news was so amazing and unexpected. The initial shock left me frozen,  I may have come across sounding ungrateful because I could not, at that moment, find the words to speak. The information was slowly registering .

The timing of her call was perfect, I was just heading over to the Vanhoutte’s to have cake with them to celebrate Tyler turning 15.  It was in his card that I delivered the news.

Mr. and Mrs. Fadi Coberg and their son Daniel attend the same church as I, Trinity Presbyterian. This is the family that changed the lives of the Vanhouttes with the donation of their vehicle.