"Ghosts In America" in NYC

In November, I had the pleasure of going back to New York City to attend a fundraising gala for the Latino Justice.  At the gala nine of my portraits from my series, "Ghosts In America" were on display.

It was a very exciting evening.

I had the opportunity to meet with interesting people - advocates for social justice and those who have a hard time living in the New York and New Jersey area.  Among the invitees, I was able to meet with writer Junot Diaz who was being honored by Latino Justice with their Community Champion Award.


I was also interviewed by Univision's local news about "Ghosts In America" during my visit.

Six of the nine portraits sold at the silent auction and the proceeds went to Latino Justice's fundraising. The buyers where very excited and everyone was happy with the work.


During my time in NYC I managed to schedule an exhibition during the month of June at the Rio Penthouse Gallery in Uptown Manhattan. The exhibition opening will be June 3rd, 2016. For this exhibition I have a goal of producing more work in another US city. To make this happen I need your support. Any donations towards "Ghosts In America" are tax deductible. "Ghosts In America" will also be part of Uptown Arts Stroll 2016 during the month of June 2016.



Jorge Tume, above, has been shown on the back of the buses around Miami Dade and gained some local notoriety. He recently told me that he has gained a visa that will let him go visit his native Perú for the first time in 20 years. He is also finishing college and keeps being active promoting voting registration activities.


Rosana, above, has kept herself active struggling for immigration reform. Rosana made a pilgrimage from South Florida to Washington DC to meet with the Pope during his last visit.


Ceci, above, moved to New Mexico and is teaching, besides keeping up with her poetry writing.