Coming Into Our Own

Testing Project 1

It's been a while since we have last posted, but our TF Team is in full force. We have been working on things to come; fiscal sponsorships, interviews, website makeover (still in process), while quietly assisting our current projects (families). On the horizon for us is the basis of what Taking Focus was created to do, and that is to assist other important social issue projects out into the world. Our main mission remains, creating change by impacting the human spirit.

By all means, spread the word to other photographers that are looking for a way to manifest their projects into reality. If you are a photographer who is trying to make a difference through your work, then let's start the conversation. (contact page)

I am currently in the beginning stages of two projects. I am not sure when I will discuss them, but just announcing it out into the "internet world" that I've got them, pushes me.

Shown here is an image taken in the studio on Thursday. I have to give great thanks to two special little people who let me test on them all day.


Check back with you all soon,


Jennifer Kaczmarek