Become A Sponsor: "Ghosts In America" - NY Exhibition

Dear Friends, 

Jonathan DeCamps, New York exhibition Ghosts In America: Portraits of Undocumented Immigrants, will take place on July 9, 2016 at Rio Penthouse Gallery. "Your donations will be used for covering the costs of production of these portraits that will help the community spread awareness about immigration and the importance of voting. As wells as the real stories behind those that this issue affects," says DeCamps. In order to meet this goal, he is seeking donations and sponsorships from local businesses and individuals.

"By giving to this event you'll be supporting the Ghosts In America project in helping us provide assistance to those in our community by spreading their stories and journeys, " says DeCamps.

Donations will be recognized at the event. As an image sponsor, your name or business will be placed on the wall recognizing your contribution. And, your name or business (with a link to your website if available), will be stated on the Taking Focus website, as well as any accompanying materials promoting the event.

Please consider donating or becoming a sponsor to support Jonathan DeCamps . If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at:

Listed below are the sizes and the amount if you would like to become a sponsor:

12x18 There are 9 images up for sponsorship. Each image is $200.00 for individuals / $300.00 for businesses

24x36 There are 5 images up for sponsorship. Each image is $300.00 for individuals / $400.00 for businesses

40x60 There is 1 image for sponsorship at $500.00

*Please remember that all donations, big or small, make such a difference.

Jonathan, "With this exhibition right around the corner, I hope that you will consider donating or sponsoring to support our advancement in bringing attention to a cause that is deeply meaningful to many."

All donations are tax deductible through Taking Focus, INC. Donations may be made online through  or a check may be mailed and payable to : Taking Focus, INC. P.O. Box 351025, Palm Coast, FL 32135