Precious Letters


I wanted to share with everyone this email I received.  Whenever I receive emails from others their encouragement completely brightens up my day.  I should really share them more often.

But, this one came with a photo.  This is Tatiana, and her mother Vanessa reached out to say, "My daughter Tatiana wanted me to share this picture with Alyssa she is a big fan of her."

I wrote back to thank her and give my words of appreciation, and in return Vanessa wrote, "Jennifer everything counts when you try and help out children like them because some people wont even give them the time of day. But what is most wonderful about my daughter and I'm sure Alyssa they are the happiest kids ever she doesn't let anything bring her down! She is ahead in all of her classes in school they have so much potential and people like you are what help them have even more confidence and faith in themselves. And for Tatiana to know there are other kids like her it makes her so happy it brings me to tears she always says they are going to be friends because they are the same. Keep up the good work I know they are very appreciative of you! God bless you!"

These are the words that keep one going.