Welcome to Taking Focus,

We are a non-profit organization for visual storytellers by visual storytellers dedicated to changing the lives of the individuals they document. The core of our organization centers on the documentary process. We create and support projects, allowing viewers to have a window into the world of others. On a greater level, we hope our organization will help people connect and to be inspired by the idea of what an impact we can make on someone else’s life. We hope you will join us in making a difference.

My daughter Tatiana is 5-years-old and also had arthrogryposis. I just finished showing her pictures of Alyssa and she was very proud to see someone just like her. She was very inspired by her and that they do and have a lot of the same things.
— Vanessa K Sanchez
Taking Focus is a wonderful organization dedicated to helping photographers and the people in the images alike. I am proud to be apart of Taking Focus.
— Jason Greene
I am so moved by the pictures you have shared with the world. I am in San Antonio, TX. I have three kids of my own, and though non have disabilities, I completely empathize with the father and new mother of this family.
— Maria Guidry